Personal and professional development that ties together head and heart with big results.

I help my clients gain the clarity they need to identify and go after their goals. I have a growing tool belt I use to customize your experience, and more importantly, I will ask questions, listen, create accountability, and identify patterns and their impact. Whatever your goals, I will be with you every step of the way.

You got to here- let me help you get to there.  

Ericka has been a master at digging in and helping me to discover the unconscious thoughts that have been holding me back. Together, we have uncovered layers of thoughts, stories and ideas that have hindered me personally and professionally for years. This discovery has helped me to begin the creation of a more positive lifestyle full of peace and hope. I am truly blessed to have Ericka as my coach!
— Jacki Frazer, VP, Black Knight Financial
Excellent Coaching Skills! As Ericka’s supervision coach during her certification program at UST I was able to witness, first hand, the emergence of a natural and gifted coach! Ericka is courageous, curious, and encouraging. She takes a bold stand for her clients and she’s truly trusts her clients to find their voice and reach their goals with ease.
— Ann Boyum, Executive Coach, Target
An excellent listener, Ericka would take me on a mental walk to see what my goal really looks like – how would I feel if this or that happened? How do my words compare to my values? She realizes I’m the one who has to be comfortable with any action plan we establish, and she is there as my partner. I would have felt just as comfortable having Ericka by my side whether my goal was seeking a promotion, starting my own business, or making personal change. Thanks to her, I discovered new creative ideas and paths I never would have found on my own.
— Michael LaRocca, Freelance Writer
Ericka provided thoughtful tools and invaluable guidance. She challenges one to think outside of the box and speaks with candor, which is refreshing. Ericka delivers real results.
— Jessica Perez, Senior Manager of Talent Management, Starkey Labs