Anyone can be coached if they are open to it. Not ready. Open.

I often hear things like, "I'm so busy, I cannot possibly add one more thing. Maybe in six months. Maybe next year. Maybe when we sell. Maybe after the move. Maybe after things calm down at work..."

I get it. I really do. On the one hand, I believe that when you are ready for coaching, you'll find your way to it or it'll find its way to you. And on the other, I know the power and impact coaching has, and a part of me always wants to say to these beautiful busy people: "this is exactly when you should be investing in yourself." In the busyness, things like clarity and balance get jostled around to make room for things like deadlines, overworking, and details. Imagine what those six months, or that big project would feel like if you were able to show up just a little differently. That is what I want for you. To go through the big projects or big milestones of your life and get to be your chosen version of yourself. That is what coaching does. If you wait for that 'right moment', it may never come.

I'm clearly biased, because coaching is literally my bread and butter. But I am also biased because I've been on the other side, and been the client. It changed my life. It brought me here. To you. It changed how I am in the world. So yes, I'm very biased because I want that for you, and I'd like the honor of being there as it happens.

We can start the conversation as soon as you are open.