Why TBD?

You see the blog's name is TBD, or To Be Determined. Confusion sets in. 

Is that just a placeholder, or is that the name?.... 

Oh, the ambiguity!

Oh, the ambiguity!

Allow me to take you on a journey. The year was 2015 and I was finishing up my grad program for coaching, and thought a blog sounded like a nice idea. I'm a millennial. It's what we do. Like frappucinos and skinny jeans, although I'm told skinny jeans are on their way out. I digress...

So, I'm creating this blog and I instinctively put TBD as a placeholder. I paused. Synapses fired, and suddenly, I was like, that could mean TWO things! Amazing. 

I decided to keep the concept. My header's original background was of this little girl with her hands mightily on her hips, looking down a long road, as if she were about to take on the world.  She was determined. She was fierce. She cost money, so I changed the picture. 

Nevertheless, the idea stayed, and here's why: We are all a work in progress, and when we are committed, fierce, and dare I say determined to our lives, incredible things can happen.