Just a small update

Boy, it's been a while. 

With the exception of the letter from my dad I posted for Father's Day, it has been crickets on here. There is a lot that has - and is - going on!

Of course, there was my graduation from grad school, and my mother's visit to town. Then there was the theater stuff I was doing at the Guthrie, and other fun acting/voice over classes. 

I'm in a weird, exciting, anxiety-producing vortex of transition right now. Grad school was a part of my life for four years and now it's just... not. God, I love school. I really do. I'm that person. I get it from my mom. I recently geeked out about what it's like getting a fresh syllabus on your first day, envious of a friend who is just starting her masters journey. 

I've recently decided to become a founding coach for a new venture that will hopefully be coming out this year to aspiring entrepreneurs. I'll have to post more on it when I can. It's big.

I have some unexpected health stuff that I'm dealing with this week, as well a big health-related event that I'm currently working towards. It's a good thing. It's going to be a big, big deal for me. And you can bet that I will write more about it when it feels more real and there's a date set, etc. Right now, I just want to be able to not need pain reliever all the time. Once I can move past that, I'll be aces. 

What I love (and honestly hate) about this moment in my life is the potential and the uncertainty. There are so many open doors, so many avenues, and I feel sometimes unable to choose. The downside to that is standing still. As a coach, I appreciate this personal moment of doubt and indecision because it means that when a client goes through this, I can say, "I know the terrain well- see, look-- there are my shoe prints!" And then we go shoulder to shoulder to carve their path. Ah, I love coaching. 

That's my update- probably a welcome reprieve from my normally verbose writings!

Stay well, my friends.