My universe is shifting

Part of this whole 'having my own coaching practice' thing was trying to figure out what the balance would be. Would I have a consulting or full time gig, and do coaching on the side? Would I try to go all in on coaching? Or do a bunch of freelance gigs? Maybe add in a photography gig in there somewhere? Well, the last nine months have been all of those things to some degree. And I still do not have an answer or that magical ratio figured out. Actually, what has been moving and shaking in my world has been in the personal and health realm. 

I had surgery last Thursday, and if you want to join me on that journey, I woud love it. I decided to separate my work and post-surgical journey a bit, as I'll be sharing some - most likely- personal anecdotes, before and after pictures, etc. The fear I think any coach would have if in my shoes is that their potential clients would be turned off by this personal transformation journey. That they don't want a coach who isn't already perfect. Isn't that a riot? On the one hand, you probably want your coach to have their world in order, but any coach will tell you that if they haven't been in the trenches, or waded through their own issues and come out the other side, they're far less effective. It's a super power for a coach when they've been through challenges. It's to your benefit. If you want a perfect coach, well, one, that doesn't exist, and two, maybe you need to reevaluate what your expectations are of your own coaching experience, your goals, and your coach. 

Still, I thought it wise to separate, so I can really be authentic, and keep this blog about the learnings surrounding coaching, and the more professional experiences I have. Things have been in flux. I'm open to work, and I'm open to new clients. I have so much capacity for exciting, creative, challenging work, and I'm just excited for the universe to make it happen. Meanwhile, I'm doing what I can, where I can. But mostly, I'm focusing on my health, recovery, and living life on the skinny branches! :)

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