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Are you... Open to new possibilities? (Nervousness is okay and expected.) Ready to change your story? Wanting to dig into your own development? Wanting to invest in yourself and/or your employees in a truly meaningful way? Schedule a complimentary session with me to explore!

I love working with...


If you were to look up the word 'transition', your picture would be there. Maybe you've been in business for twenty years and have realized your true passion is elsewhere. Maybe you're changing industries. Maybe you got that job. Maybe you lost that job. Maybe you're stuck. Maybe you've reached your mountaintop and you're wondering... well, now what? 

If you need help looking around corners, if you want help sorting through mental clutter and clearing away what isn't working, if you want someone to help you go after the life and career you deserve, then I would love to work with you. Not all who wander are lost.

The couch-force (aka remote workers)

Just because your office is your couch doesn't mean you can't have access to incredible personal and professional development.

As someone who worked for years as a remote worker, I know the challenges you face, both to your sense of connection as well as your ongoing development. It can be difficult to develop a remote workforce, especially if middle level managers (aka those who can have the biggest impact) do not have the time. That's where a coach can step in. I can also (and highly recommend) work with managers of remote workers, so that both ends of the video conferencing call are truly dialed in.

ORGANIZATIONS & leadership

Help your new leaders hit the ground running and high potentials get ready for the next level. Leverage tools like the Hogan Assessment and educate leaders on their impact. Cultivate better listeners. Give your executives the gift of awareness and feedback. Help your innovators harness their creative energies to move your company forward. Build a culture of courageous, head and heart connected individuals who know their value and their values.