First one's on me. 

Finding a good fit with your coach is important, so before anyone breaks out their wallets, let's do a complimentary session where we can see if it feels right. Coaching is a partnership; we both have to be on board.

Before your first session, I will send you a few questions to think about and bring with you. Whether we first meet over the phone or in person, these questions will help set the stage for our time together. They will also help give clarity to what you might want to achieve through coaching and how I can help.

A coaching relationship is not something to rush or squeeze in, which is why I request a 2 hour block to dive in and do some actual coaching, answer your questions, and wrap up. At our first session, we cover briefly what coaching is and help you understand my process and tools. We will have a powerful conversation regarding your prepared questions and your goals as you understand them. Then I will check in and see how you are feeling about working with me and if you would like to continue together. Two hours might seem like a lot, but trust me-- it goes by fast.

If it is a mutual fit, then and only then will we talk about pricing. This is intentional. Why? If you are starting coaching thinking about what you can and cannot afford (aka scarcity mindset), your mind and energy are not on the amazing things you want to accomplish and the fantastic life you desire. It's not worth clouding our precious time and conversation, not to mention your clarity of purpose, until we know it's a fit. Knowing what the investment will be is certainly an important and necessary logistic to discuss. Imagine walking away with several aha's and shifts in perspective versus walking away with just a fact and cost sheet. That's the difference! My goal in our first conversation is to offer you the greatest value possible, whether we get to continue working together, or not. Let's make the most of it!